The club was founded in March  1982 on Rainier Avenue in downtown Renton, Washington. The club was named the Southend Alano Lounge and it became known as the SEAL Club, it stayed at this location for several years. Starting out as a social club for recovering alcoholics, their families and friends, it grew to over 400 members. At that time it was a members only club. Various AA groups began holding their meetings there until there were 15 or more meetings being held each week.

   The club has moved four times  in the last twenty-three years, to the North end of Kent and later to downtown Kent, Washington, ( where the name was changed to the Kent Alano Club ) and then to Auburn, Washington, where it's name was changed once again ( this time to the South King Alano Club ). Then in 2003 we moved to our current location  at 1317 Harvey Road, Auburn WA.

  Thousands of recovering alcoholics, drug addicts and others pass through these doors each year, finding a place to stabilize during their early sobriety. It has become a social meeting place for those with longer sobriety. It is a place where  young and old from all walks of life can meet on a common ground. It is a very unique setting.

It is also a place where the families of alcoholics, especially the young, can come in contact with people in recovery. We now see second and third generations coming to the club. Just as alcoholism and addiction may be passed down from generation, so also can recovery.


South King Alano Club

1317 Harvey Road, Auburn, WA 98002


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