If your group or you would like to place an order for some coins, please email us at SKAC Coins

Groups receive a 10% discount

Please allow us a couple of weeks for big orders


Our Coin Selection


The South King Alano Club now has a full inventory of A.A. coins - and we will expand it as we are able.


Our prices are:

Plastic A.A. - .82 cents tax included

Aluminum A.A. - .82 cents tax included

Bronze A.A. - $2.18 tax included

Bi-Plate  A.A. - $17.35 tax included

Tri-Plate A.A. - $23.88 tax included



Plastic Coins

Aluminum Coins



Bi-Plate ( front)

Bi-Plate ( back )



Tri-Plate ( front )

Tri-Plate ( back )


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South King Alano Club

1317 Harvey Road, Auburn, WA 98002


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